An Appeal to Help Us Provide Veterans + Youth With Career Training & Jobs

We are on a mission – a very significant mission to empower  North Texas veterans and underprivileged youth to train to become skilled technicians in the field of television production (particularly Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range) because with the proper preparation the career potential is tremendous. If you’re reading this, chances are that we have identified your company as an ideal patron for an incoming class of trainees into VIVE Network’s pre-apprenticeship program – 4K TV & Film PRDXN Training by UHD Academy – commencing this autumn because we know your company shares the values of promoting innovation, creativity, education and equal opportunity. In fact, our apprenticeship program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, thus upon completion trainees (apprentices) can successfully bridge into enduring careers of longevity either through their eligibility for hire with VIVE Network or third-party production companies.

We have established the upside for the veterans and young people, but we are excited to talk about the benefits of UHD Academy patronage since they go hand in hand with the requisite experience included in our training initiative.

Apart from the obvious benevolent aspect of your company’s support for UHD Academy trainees, there are various other potential advantages for patrons, including:

  • made-for-television commercials
  • social media promotional spots
  • branded entertainment
  • rolling credit attribution
  • segment bumpers & on-air mentions
  • joint PR and more

UHD Academy trainees must partake in ample hands-on work experience side-by-side with production professional mentors, and thus their contribution to any projects created for patrons shall count toward building their resumes and completing their certification. It’s a win-win for both the trainees and your company, not to mention that the potentially massive exposure on VIVE Network’s global digital television platform comes as a built-in bonus benefit.

We hope that you will seriously consider this invitation to join our initiative to help veterans and young aspiring television and film creators afford the pre-apprenticeship program designed to prepare them for bright professional futures. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the prospect of speaking with you very soon.

Please feel free to contact me on my direct line at 214.273.0318, and if you’re so inclined follow us on Twitter at @UHDinitiative and/or @VIVETV_network.


Danielle Jacaman
Communications Director
VIVE Network LLC // UHD Academy

Prospective Patrons: Get in Touch

Ready to Join the UHD Initiative as a Patron Partner?

VIVE Network is kicking off its pledge drive to fund career tech education at UHD Academy –– the Southwest’s premier post-production professional training and certification program –– for underprivileged youth and veterans. Training commences in August (2019), so we need your support as soon as possible so we can recruit (deserving) aspiring post-production professionals to get certified on various software platforms that will truly give them a leg up in the job market so they can launch their careers in film, television, advertising, and beyond anywhere in the world almost immediately.

Please consider making a contribution to help subsidize the cost of tuition for students who qualify for financial assistance. Your gift will absolutely make a difference in the lives of pupils –– it will help them learn the skills and gain the work experience necessary to work in the television and film industry and earn a living in an expanding field.