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Media Composer is the media and entertainment industry’s most used video editing software, accelerating high-res, HDR, and HD workflows. And now with Media Composer | Ultimate (formerly Media Composer) – designed for editorial collaboration and MediaCentral environments — you get access to all Media Composer software options to accelerate your workflow.

AVID Media Composer 101 + 110

(total of 5 days)


Lesson 1: Introduction to Media Composer
Lesson 2: Getting Started
Lesson 3: Building Your Sequence
Lesson 4: Drag-and-Drop Editing in Segment Mode
Lesson 5: Refining the Sequence
Lesson 6: Introduction to Transition Effects
Lesson 7: Introduction to Segment Effects
Lesson 8: Combining Multiple Effects
Lesson 9: Freeze Frames and Motion Effects
Lesson 10: Creating Titles
Lesson 11: Exporting Your Video
Lesson 12: Technical Fundamentals


Lesson 1: Fundamentals and Beyond
Lesson 2: Inputting Media
Lesson 3: Preparing Dailies
Lesson 4: Quick Editing Tools
Lesson 5: Cutting and Recutting a Scene
Lesson 6: Trimming Dialogue Scenes
Lesson 7: Mixing Sequence Audio
Lesson 8: Working with High-Resolution Images
Lesson 9: Creative Retiming Effects
Lesson 10: Tracking and Blurring Objects
Lesson 11: Introduction to Multilayer Effects
Lesson 12: Nesting Multiple Effects
Lesson 13: Creating ChromaKey Effects
Lesson 14: Animated Titles & Graphics
Lesson 15: Packaging and Export
Lesson 16: Managing Project Media