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VIVE Network & AbelCine have partnered to offer the most dynamic and complete post production proficiency training program anywhere, driven by a mission to prepare aspiring editors to bridge into lucrative careers of longevity in the realm of television, film and beyond.

Recently, VIFM joined forces with VIVE to recruit armed forces veterans keen to train and transition into fulfilling media production careers and ultimately find civilian job placement.


VIVE Network is the first and only global Ultra HD HDR, linear digital television network and live event production platform available on every screen. VIVE’s mission is to democratize the creation, distribution and monetization of 4K original content and filling the Ultra HD HDR content void by establishing the ‘ultimate’ Entertainment Everywhere destination.

AbelCine believes in the power of the moving image to evoke, enlighten and inspire. That’s why since 1989 we’ve made it our mission to provide the tools, products and services that best enable professional creators of all levels to achieve their vision, including a vast array of industry expert-taught classes and workshops from our NYC & LA flagships.

The Veterans Institute is just one of Dallas Film Society’s educational outreach programs, providing a unique opportunity for US veterans to explore and train for careers in the film and media production industry. Dallas Film Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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Adobe Certification Advantage

The workplace demand for digital media skills – creating, managing, integrating and communicating information using Adobe’s video, graphic, web or design software – is on the rise.