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Premiere Pro is used by Hollywood filmmakers, TV editors, YouTubers, videographers — anyone with a story to tell, including you.

Adobe Premiere Pro Training Curriculum

(5 days)

Lesson 1: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud
Lesson 2: Setting up a Project
Lesson 3: Importing Media
Lesson 4: Organizing Media
Lesson 5: Mastering the Essentials of Video Editing
Lesson 6: Working with Clips and Markers
Lesson 7: Adding Transitions
Lesson 8: Performing Advanced Editing Techniques
Lesson 9: Putting Clips in Motion
Lesson 10: Multicamera Editing
Lesson 11: Editing and Mixing Audio
Lesson 12: Sweetening Sound
Lesson 13: Adding Video Effects
Lesson 14: Improving Clips with Color Correction and Grading
Lesson 15: Exploring Compositing Techniques
Lesson 16: Creating Titles
Lesson 17: Managing Your Projects
Lesson 18: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences